Unlike other reviewers, I rate the anime as a whole, and not individual aspects such as synopsis, plot, animation and art, translation quality, dubbing quality, and DVD extras. I use the standard A-F grading scale, which most of you are familiar with in school. To refresh your memory, the scale goes something like this:

A Significantly Exceeds Expectations (Superior)
B Exceeds Expectations (Excellent)
C Meets Expectations (Average)
D Meets Few Expectations (Below Average)
F Fails to Meet Expectations (Failing)

To add, I have implemented + and - symbols after some respective A-F ratings to depict my satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the anime, thus specifying the quality of the anime as a whole.

A+ (Superior) Top tier anime which is bound to be remembered as one of the best.
A (Superior) High quality anime in which every episode is an action-packed adventure.
A- (Superior) Outstanding anime which is deemed exceptional overall.

B+ (Excellent) First-rate anime which is intriguing and highly recommended.
B (Excellent) Good anime which is decent and caters exciting scenes.
B- (Excellent) Fine anime which is slightly interesting in the long-range.

C+ (Average) Mediocre anime which is the standard but has its own distinctive features.
C (Average) Typical anime which has the basic necessities of a story.
C- (Average) Ordinary anime which harbors the common script.

D+ (Below Average) Low feature anime which is of inferior design.
D (Below Average) Poor quality anime which contains incomplete or conflicting ideas.
D- (Below Average) Cheap anime which is awful in general.

F (Failing) Worst anime which will ruin your life.

I will provide the ratings of each respective anime through a series post. It will include the letter grade rating with the corresponding letter grade comment. Please note that the only difference between an A and an A+ is my personal feelings toward the anime.